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Grosgrain & Box Pleated Ribbon in Montgomery, Alabama

Discover grosgrain and box pleated ribbon in hundreds of colors and prints at Ribbon Magic, based in Montgomery, Alabama
Ribbons, Grosgrain Ribbon in Montgomery, AL

Grosgrain Printed
These wonderful ribbons are available in own exclusive prints. Choose from dots, stripes, collegiate colors, or other patterns.

Grosgrain Solid
Choose from 200 different colors of grosgrain solid ribbon. Mix and match your colors for both sewing and crafts.

Box Pleated Ribbon
Box pleats are created by running ribbon through special processing equipment. This type of ribbon is commonly used for crafts and sewing applications. Choose from 200 different colors in a variety of sizes.

Some ribbons are also may also be sold by the pound.

About Ribbon Magic
Our parent company has been creating children's clothing for several years and we found a need to start producing our own ribbon and trim for the clothing. Ribbon Magic has become a natural offshoot of the clothing business.

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